Phabrix Rx1000


The Rx1000 offers PHABRIX test and measurement instrumentation within a 19 inch(482 mm) width 1U rasterizer format.

Configurable with a range of functions using its modular structure, the Rx1000 makes full use of its clever HDMI or SDI output.

Uniquely for a rasterizer an onboard graphic display allows feedback for engineer or operator input clearly showing a range of presets and instrument operation without the need to glance at a remote monitor.

Onboard digital control and HDMI/SDI output to external screen at 1920 x 1080 is standard.

Available as SD/HD-SDI chassis, the rasterizer can be upgraded at any time with a simple software key to 3G-SDI.


  • Modular rack mount solution for broadcast infrastructure test and measurement
  • Up to 4 module bays providing up to 8 inputs and up to 4 simultaneous SDI channels Video, audio, generation, monitoring 24/7
  • Choose from a range of modules including physical layer measurement, eye and jitter
  • Full support 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI and Optical support with looping I/O
  • Self contained unit with dual built-in preview/instrumentation screens Instruments on multi-viewer at 1920 x 1080 on HDMI/SDI output
  • Simultaneous analysis and monitoring of up to 4 SDI channels
  • Dolby E / AES support
  • Ideal for OB operations, engineering bay, broadcast manufacturing
  • Assurred ROI, low weight, low power (from 16W)
  • Full generator as standard 32 patterns
  • Analysis includes waveform, vectorscope, data toolsets 16 channels embedded audio, level meters, phase meters
  • Up to 4 channel (stereo pair or 5.1 group)
  • Loudness meter and logging SDI input ANC Timecode, reference VITC and LTC support
  • Ethernet upgrade, connect and download for firmware and software
  • Cool operation
  • UK designed and manufactured

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